in dry condition meaning in Chinese

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  • 呈干燥状况
  • dry:    adj. 1.干的,干燥的;无水分的 ...
  • condition:    n. 1.状态,状况,情形;品质。 ...
  • absolute dry condition:    绝对干燥状态; 绝乾状态


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  1. Particle boards for uses in dry conditions . requirements
  2. Particleboard - part 2 : requirements for general purpose boards for use in dry conditions
  3. Look out for danger from poor surfaces and potholes even in dry conditions
  4. Particleboard - part 3 : requirements for boards for interior fitments including furniture for use in dry conditions
  5. If the welder is not used for a long period of time , seal it in the original packaging and store in dry condition

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