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Pronunciation:   "in company with" in a sentence   "in company with" meaning
  • 伴同
  • 会同
  • 一起
  • company:    n. 1.交际,交往;作伴;伴侣;朋 ...
  • a company:    一家公司的销售计划
  • by company:    按公司; 依公司
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  1. We once paid a visit in company with the discreet mr. rosier .
  2. The president-elect visited the tennessee valley in company with norris .
  3. He was, if i recollect, arrested in a cabaret, in company with a great many others .
  4. A gentleman was seated in company with a young girl and two sisters from a religious house .
  5. Winterbourne perceived daisy strolling the great church in company with the inevitable giovanelli .

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