in common with meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in common with" in a sentence
  • 和一样
  • 与…有共同之处
  • 与…共有
  • common:    adj. 1.共通的,共同的,共有的 ...
  • be common for:    对...很普通的
  • be common to:    对某人来说很普通; 是……所共有; ...
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  1. I have no doubt little in common with the world of fashion .
  2. In common with many others , she applied for a training place .
  3. He had no life in common with his companions in the world .
  4. Cooper, in common with crevecoeur, does not know the answer .
  5. These "forces" have nothing in common with forces in the newtonian sense .

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