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  • 俗话说
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  1. Peter , in common parlance , won ' t work if he possibly can avoid it
  2. In common parlance , it is the perfect soldier , the " eternal sentry "
    通俗一点说,地雷是一名绝佳的战士、永久的“哨兵” 。
  3. The local council are advertising for a rodent operator , which in common parlance means a rat catcher
  4. She is not what in common parlance is called a lady , said angel , unflinchingly , for she is a cottager s daughter , as i am proud to say
    “按照普通的说法,她是不能被称为小姐的, ”安琪尔急忙说,一点儿也不畏惧。 “因为我可以骄傲地说,她是一个乡下小户人家的女儿。
  5. Another little interesting point , the amours of whores and chummies , to put it in common parlance , reminded him irish soldiers had as often fought for england as against her , more so , in fact

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