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  • 简单到说,简言之
  • 简单的说,简言之
  • 简单地说,简言之
  • 简单扼要地
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  • brief:    adj. 1.(时间)短暂的。 2. ...
  • be brief:    简练; 你的听众和场合; 要了解你讲 ...
  • to be brief:    简短地说; 简而言之,简单地说,一句 ...
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  1. The two old people shimmered in brief rainbows .
  2. Please tell me what happened in brief , do n't go into details .
  3. Their conversation was in briefest phrase for sometime .
  4. In brief the historicist claims that sociology is theoretical history .
  5. Generally his ideas were expressed in brief sententious phrase, spoken in low voice .

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