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Pronunciation:   "in bows" in a sentence
  • 命令起桨开船
  • 命令前桨手起桨开船
  • bow:    n. 〔常 pl.〕 1.船首;舰首 ...
  • bows:    弧形通心面; 技能 弓; 饰片
  • amazon bows:    亚马逊专用弓; 专用弓
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  1. Technology manage of flexibility support shield in bow pseudo inclined working face
  2. Backhand stroke in bow step
  3. Safe basin method of predicting survival probability of ships in bow seas and quartering seas
  4. The danger he realizes is that in bowing to pressure to widen the operation beyond the scope of his company ' s own feasibility study , “ one could end up being a dog that is wagged by its own tail

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