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  • 白纸黑字(写下来)
  • 白纸黑字,明明白白
  • 写在纸上
  • 用白纸黑字地写下来, 很清楚
  • black:    adj. 1.黑,黑色的。 2.暗的 ...
  • white:    adj. 1.白(色)的,雪白的;白 ...
  • black and white:    白纸黑字, 单色, 黑白片; 白纸黑 ...
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  1. Most old films were made in black and white .
  2. I want the contract in black and white .
  3. These ironclad details are irrefutable proof in black and white .
  4. He gave me assurance in black and white .
  5. There, ma'am, that's it in black and white .

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