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  • 很长时间
  • age:    n. 1.年龄。 2.成年〔满廿一岁 ...
  • ages:    晚期糖基化终末化产物
  • for ages:    长期; 多年; 很长时间; 很长一个 ...
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  1. There was fifteen years or so difference in age between the two women .
  2. The stability of the solar system would not be deranged in ages to come .
  3. Liddy, the master's great-granddaughter, was about bathsheba's equal in age .
  4. Evidence from isotopic dating suggests that the greenstone belts vary considerably in age .
  5. They were not well suited to each other in age or character, and they had no children to moderate between them .

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