in after years meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in after years" in a sentence
  • 以后的岁月
  • 在以后的年月
  • after:    adv. 在后;继后;后来。 fol ...
  • year:    n. 1.年,岁;一年。 2.年度, ...
  • after years:    若干年后
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  1. His health was declining in after years
  2. His health was declining in after years
  3. He grew weak in after years
  4. In after years , whether he had forgotten this interchange of presents , which ought to have cemented our friendship , or whether he did not recollect me , he sought to take me , but , on the contrary , it was i who captured him and a dozen of his band
  5. We have spoken of pearl s rich and luxuriant beauty ; a beauty that shone with deep and vivid tints ; a bright complexion , eyes possessing intensity both of depth and glow , and hair already of a deep , glossy brown , and which , in after years , would be nearly akin to black

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