in a word meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in a word" in a sentence
  • 简而言之,一句话
  • 简言之.一言以蔽之
  • 简言之,总之,一句话
  • 一句话,简言之,总之
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  • word:    n. 1.单词;〔pl.〕歌词,台词 ...
  • a word:    我要和你说句话; 一个单词
  • at a word:    立即, 简而言之


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  1. None of your business. do n't put in a word .
  2. In a word , he is tired with everything .
  3. In a word , the induced e. m. f. lags behind the current .
  4. He'll catch you in a word trap .
  5. She was in a word a woman of strong impulse kept in admirable order .

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