in a variety of ways meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in a variety of ways" in a sentence
  • variety:    n. 1.变化,多样化 (opp. ...
  • way:    adv. 1.= away. 2.〔 ...
  • -ways:    后缀 表示“方向,位置;方式,状态” ...
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  1. The necessary population inversion can be achieved in a variety of ways .
  2. Elements join together to form the other materials of the earth in a variety of ways .
  3. Bureaucratically unpopular orders can be evaded in a variety of ways .
  4. The contraction of a cool interstellar gas cloud can proceed in a variety of ways .
  5. The fluid transducer is an instrument used in a variety of ways to measure very small mechanical distances .

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