in a tight corner meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in a tight corner" in a sentence
  • 处于困境
  • tight:    adj. 1.坚实的;坚固的,坚牢的 ...
  • corner:    n. 1.(桌等的)角,棱,隅。 2 ...
  • be in a tight corner:    处于困境, 处于绝境; 陷入困境
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  1. Little chandler remembered one of ignatius gallaher's sayings when he was in a tight corner .
  2. You ' re not seriously . - i ' m in a tight corner , joe
    -你不是认真的. -我现在在一个紧要关头, joe
  3. I ' m in a tight corner just at present

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