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  • if:     If they had ...
  • symbol:    n. 1.记号,符号。 2.象征,表 ...
  • and symbol:    与符号
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  1. 7 . keep right keep left if symbol reversed
    7 .靠右行驶符号方向相反,则靠左行驶
  2. 4 . bend to left ahead right if symbol reversed
    4 .前面左弯箭咀方向相反则为右弯
  3. 4 . keep left keep right if symbol reversed
    4 .靠左行驶如符号方向相反,则靠右行驶
  4. 40 . no left turn no right turn if symbol reversed
    40 .不准左转如方向相反,则禁止转右
  5. 5 . turn left turn right if symbol reversed
    5 .左转如符号方向相反,则右转

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