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  • if:     If they had ...
  • sort:    n. 1.种类,类别,品种;种。 2 ...
  • of sorts:    各种各样的
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  1. Sortorder determines if sorting is ascending or descending , and
  2. If sorting is implemented in a derived class ; otherwise , raises
  3. If sort order is omitted , the insert operation assumes the data is unsorted
  4. If sorting is allowed , clicking on a column header will sort the table data by that column
  5. Gets the property descriptor that is used for sorting the list if sorting is implemented in a derived class ; otherwise , returns a null reference nothing in visual basic
    如果在派生类中实现了排序,则获取用于对列表排序的属性说明符;否则返回空引用(在visual basic中为nothing ) 。

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