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  • 如果不是更多
  • if:     If they had ...
  • not:    adv. 不。 1.〔谓语、句子的否 ...
  • more:    adj. 〔many, much 的 ...
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  1. That love eluded alexander as much if not more ,
  2. " we are losing each day as an average 50 to 60 people throughout the country , if not more
  3. Equally like smoke , if not more so . well , that ud be imposing , too , on tellson s
  4. Farm production record for her animals , if not more ! the project really teaches us a lot ,
  5. So yes the scale will go down , but approximately 75 % ( if not more ) of it is water instead of fat
    当然比例将下降,但大约75 % (也许不到)的水而非脂肪(减少) 。

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