if combining meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "if combining" in a sentence
  • 中频合并
  • if:     If they had ...
  • combine:    n. 〔美口〕 1.(政治上的)联合 ...
  • combining:    化合的; 集合,结合; 兼有; 结合 ...
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  1. Heat treatment is more effective if combined with chinese traditional medicine
  2. If combine the three of them , their ability will be far more better .
  3. A more refined result will be made if combined with some other segmentation methods
  4. For example , some medicines become poisonous if combined with alcohol . don t take medicines in the dark in order to avoid a mistake
  5. If combining simulated results and the finite element method , dynamic mechanical behavior in concrete can be further analyzed

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