if clause meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "if clause" in a sentence
  • 【语法】条件子句。
  • if:     If they had ...
  • clause:    n. 1.(章程、条约等的)条,项; ...
  • as is clause:    现状条款
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  1. If clauses are allowed in one list comprehension , by the way
  2. Is the beginning of the if clause , and the
  3. Modal verbs for offers and requests ; if clauses for requests
    对于提供和要求的语气动词; if引导的表示询问的从句
  4. Should have with past participle ; if clauses in the past perfect
    Shouldhave后用过去分词,过去完成时中的“ if ”从句。
  5. The larger the team project , the more time and resources the search takes if clauses are not specified

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