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Pronunciation:   "if china wants to" in a sentence
  • 如果中国想
  • if:     If they had ...
  • china:    n. 瓷器;瓷料,白瓷土,瓷质黏土。 ...
  • want:    vt. 1.(想)要,想望;想得到。 ...
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  1. If china wants to lessen anxieties , it should openly explain its defense spending , intentions , doctrine , and military exercises
  2. If china wants to set up the mechanism of market economy , it ' s necessary to establish the legal system which could protect and maintain the order of competition
  3. One intriguing response would be for japan to embrace it and suggest politely that , if china wants to keep its security council seat , it ought to do the same
  4. With poloarts in 2002 and 2004 respectively . if china wants to have a great violinist , they have one . . . he is technically and musically very quick . . . he is intuitive . . . he has a lot of temperaments . .
    如果中国希望可以出一位伟大的小提琴家,他们已经拥有了… …在技术上和音乐感上,他的反应十分快… …那是与生俱来… …他有很丰厚的气质… … ?小提琴家拉兹亚罗
  5. If china wants to bring the wealth of development to its entire people , the primary task is to solve the problem related to agriculture , rural areas and farmers and create a level of moderate prosperity in rural areas

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