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  1. In this dissertation , a special shape cylindrical target of ybco is designed and sintered for the inverted cylindrical dc sputtering ( icds ) device . then , the thickness distribution of the 3 inch size thin films has been simulated
  2. Contrasting the results of simulation and the experiment for depositing the 3 inch thin films by icds technique , the center position of substrate and the target is in a 18mm offset , the thickness distribution homogeneity is under 8 % . based on the analyses of the theoretic heat distribution for the radiant heating system , a 3 inch size radiant heater fitting for the requirement is designed and made , whose temperature difference is under 6 %
  3. The purpose of this dissertation is to study the effect of substrate on the characteristics and microstructure of high temperature superconducting yba2cu3o7 - thin film , and well c - axis oriented epitaxial ybco thin films have been deposited on both laalo3 ( 100 ) and r - plane sapphire al2o3 ( 102 ) substrates by inverted cylindrical dc sputtering ( icds ) technique
    <中文摘要> =本论文的目的是研究基片对薄膜结构和性能的影响关系,采用倒筒靶直流溅射技术在在laalo3 ( 100 )和r -平面的蓝宝石( al2o3 ( 102 ) )两种基片上制备出c轴取向的外延高温超导yba2cu3o7 -薄膜。

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