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(pl. we ) 〔人称代词,第一人称,单数,主格。 (poss. adj. my; obj. me; poss. pro. mine ) 〕我。 It is I 是我〔口语也用 It's me〕。 It is I who am to blame. 应当负责任的是我。 Am I not ... ? 我难道不是…? 〔口语通常说作〔美国〕 Ain't I ? 〔英国〕 An't [Aren't] I ? 〕。 You and I. 你和我〔英语习+More...
  • -i:    拉丁语系名词的复数词尾: alumn ...
  • -i-:    comb. f. 多用于拉丁语词源的 ...
  • a i:    美国国家标准协会
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  1. I know him , but i do n't frequent him much .
  2. I had fine sport with my new skates .
  3. I have heard that he has been married before ..
  4. Business is terrible. i am calling it quits .
  5. Since i am not crazy, i do not care .

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