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  1. They s not another hoile tuh lig dahn in i th hahse
    在这所房子里可没有别的洞可钻啦! ”
  2. I th nk y ou ' re reai y scared of me
  3. Shall us go i th ut
    “我们进小屋里去吧? ”
  4. I ve a dread of puttin children i th world , he said . i ve such a dread o th future for em
    “我很惧怕孩子们生在这种世上我很替他们的将来担心。 ”
  5. Now anybody can ave any childt i th world , he said , as he sat down fastening on his leggings
    “我们今日,无论谁都可以生无论怎样的孩子。 ”他一边说,一边坐了下来束紧着他的脚绊。

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