i do what i can meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "i do what i can" in a sentence
  • 即使我尽我所能
  • i:    pron. (pl. we ) 〔人 ...
  • do:    n. 【音乐】(全音阶的)第一音, ...
  • what:    adj. 1.〔疑问〕什么;多少。 ...
  • can:    n. 1.〔美国〕罐头,听头(=〔英 ...
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  1. Torre , who nearly lost his job after the 2006 season , has heard the talk but said he isn ' t thinking about it . " that ' s out of my control , " he said . " i do what i can do
    托瑞爷爷在2006年球季后曾几乎失掉了他的饭碗,说他听到过但他现在不会去想这个问题”那不是我所能控制的”爷爷说”我只做我能做的,如果那要发生,就是会发生。 ”

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