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  1. Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on growth and cadmium accumulation in hyperaccumulator of sedum alfredii hance
  2. Phytoremediation for heavy metal contamination in soil , metal hyperaccumulator and their genetic engineering
  3. Pteris vittata l . , an indicator plant for calcareous soils , is an as - hyperaccumulator newly discovered by chen et al . in china
  4. Although the concentration of zinc in both species has not reached the criterion set for zinc hyperaccumulator , their high zinc shoot / root ratio of more than or near 1 suggested that they were zn accumulators
  5. The sequence of lead content in each hyperaccumulator was bidens maximowiciziana > amaranthus tricolor > sophora japonica > xanthium sibiricum > schizonepeta fenuifolio > vetiveria zizanioides in this study . on one hand , bidens maximowiciziana and amaranthus tricolor could transport the iiiost of the lead from roots to the above - ground parts , and the total heavy metal translocated ( tmt ) of bidens maximowiciziana and amaranthus tricolor rose to the 11 . 29mg and 9 . 17mg in 100 plants
    结果表明,羽叶鬼针草和绿叶苋菜能把吸收的pb较多地运输到地上部, 100棵羽叶鬼针草和绿叶苋菜地上部的迁移总量高达11 . 29mg和9 . 179mg ;羽叶鬼针草根系对pb的耐性最强,当pb处理浓度为loomg

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