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  • 绝缘非填充型电缆
  • 两用蒸饭柜
  • 市内
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  1. Government publishes b - hya aircraft accident report july 15 , 2005 the government today ( july 15 ) publishes the report of the investigation into an aircraft accident on july 18 , 2003
  2. An inspector s investigation is being conducted into the cause of the accident which occurred on 18 july whereby an a330 - 300 aircraft with registration b - hya and operated in the name of hong kong dragon airlines ltd , was subjected to severe upper air turbulence resulting in injury to crew and passengers when flying from kota kinabalu to hong kong
    民航飞行器意外调查展开二三年八月一日意外调查主任正就有关港龙航空公司航空器登记标签b - hya于七月十八日从马来西亚沙巴来港途中遇到强烈气流导致机组人员及乘客受伤所发生之意外进行调查。

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