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  • 华夏银行
  • bank:    n. 1.排,列,组,系列;【电学】 ...
  • huaxia:    广州市华夏; 华夏族; 上海华夏
  • huaxia additives:    广州华夏助剂
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  1. Our management idea is " honesty , specialty and service " . based on this management idea , we have completed nearly 20 projects of headquarter of huaxia bank nanjing branch and each sub - branch
  2. Remittance units : nanjing east asia exhibition services ltd . bank details : huaxia bank nanjing branch office of the account : 077710810200028336 received exhibitors fee , according to the organizers of " first applications payment arrangements first " principle distribution booth
    开户行:华夏银行南京分行营业部帐号: 077710810200028336收到参展费后,主办单位按“先申请先付款先安排”的原则分配展位。
  3. This passage will regard it as background , huaxia bank shenyang branch as carrier , searching for human resource management methods actively after china entered into wto , condensing talents ; keeping on talents , using talents ; making huaxia bank successful in the fierce competition
  4. Since being purchase share of the local commercial bank such as shanghai bank and nanjing commercial bank etc , until now development to purchase share of the largest countries bank , again turns object to share - holding bank such as huaxia bank and bohai bank etc , even interest in the reform of credit cooperation bank
  5. It includes plan on human resources , employment , development and training , achievement and assessment , reward and encouragement , building - up enterprise culture , and so on . this passage is divided into four sections : first , it analyses human resources management theory in order to maintain close ties with reality . second , through perspective of present human resources management status in huaxia bank , shenyang branch and comparison with that of foreign capital banks , in the end we get human resources management methods to huaxia bank , shenyang branch , we resist impulsion of foreign capital banks and catch hold of some points like organization design , position management , application and lection , training and development , performance management , compesation management

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