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  • adv.
    1.怎样,怎么(=in what manner); 用什么手段、方法(=by what means) 〔疑问副词和连接副词两用〕。 H- does he do it 他是怎样做的? Ask him how he does it.问问他是怎样做的。 H- did it happen 事情怎么发生的? He does not know how to swim. 他不知道怎样游泳。
    2.情况如何(=in what state)〔指身体健康等状况〕。 H- i+More...
  • and how:    当然啦; 的确; 对 , 当然 , ...
  • how is:    怎么样
  • how it:    父母离婚后孩子的感受
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  1. Oh, how she longed to win him to converse !
  2. I told him how i had read in the papers .
  3. How can you reconcile it to your conscience ?
  4. Now let's observe how the rider behaves .
  5. Look , how fresh and juicy those grapes are .

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