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  • 【历史】(1815-1816俄、普、奥三国君主订立的)神圣同盟。
  • holy:    adj. 1.神圣的;神的;供神用的 ...
  • alliance:    n. 1.同盟,联盟。 2.联姻。 ...
  • un-holy alliance:    不神圣同盟
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  1. Ran s oldest friends , and chamberlain to the comte d artois , " that the holy alliance purpose removing him from thence ?
    萨尔维欧伯爵是圣梅朗侯爵老朋友之一,又是亚托士伯爵的侍从官。 “听说神圣同盟想要移居他地呢。 ”
  2. Some regard the giving of a constitution to poland , and the holy alliance , as highly to the credit of alexander ; while others regard the same actions as a slur on his name
  3. " well , " said the marquise , " it seems probable that , by the aid of the holy alliance , we shall be rid of napoleon ; and we must trust to the vigilance of m . de villefort to purify marseilles of his partisans
    “嗯, ”侯爵夫人说, “有神圣同盟的帮助,我们有可能除掉拿破仑,至于他在马赛的那些信徒,我们必须让维尔福先生来予以肃清。
  4. And now does not the thought of the true worship of god in christ through the holy spirit make you feel more than ever that it needs time to enter into such holy alliance with god as shall keep the heart and mind all the day in his peace and presence
  5. He behaved splendidly in the beginning of his reign and during 1812 ; but he did ill in giving a constitution to poland , in making the holy alliance , in letting araktcheev have power , in encouraging golitsin and mysticism ; and later on , in encouraging shishkov , and foty

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