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  • n.
    锄头;灰耙。 back hoe 反向铲,倒铲。 Dutch hoe 一种锹。 trench hoe 挖沟机。vt.,vi.
    用锄除(草等),用锄(松土等);挖掘。 a hard [tough] row to hoe 艰苦生活,困难的工作。 a new row to hoe 〔美国〕新任务。 hoe a big row 〔美国〕干大事。 hoe another row 〔美国〕着手新工作。 hoe one's own row 干自己的事,自扫门前雪。 hoe y+More...
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  1. They chopped the cotton and hoed the corn .
  2. The old woman hoed and weeded with utmost care .
  3. The farmers counted their rakes and hoes and plows .
  4. At first they cultivated with a rough wooden hoe .
  5. This hoe suits me very well .

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