hideaki meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "hideaki" in a sentence
  • 荣显
  • 秀明
  • 秀秋
  • 秀显
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  1. Artist name : ito , hideaki
  2. Male artist ito , hideaki
  3. Dir : hideaki hirano
  4. After being wounded in battle , she takes refuge in a remote gas station run by takashi hideaki ito , a young man who is actually a member of the underground rebel army
  5. " since a paper disc can be cut by scissors easily , it is simple to preserve data security when disposing of the disc , " toppan managing director hideaki kawai said in a joint statement with sony
    印刷公司的常务董事hideaki kawai在与索尼的联合声明中说: “纸制光盘用剪子就可以方便地销毁,因此在销毁光盘时能够保护数据的安全性。 ”

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