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  • HE = high explosive 烈性炸药。
    He = 【化学】元素氦 (helium) 的符号。pron.
    (pl. they) 〔人称代名词,第三人称、单数、男性、主格;所有格为 his, 宾格为 him, 物主代名词为 his〕他,那个男人。 He who [that] …者,…的人。 He would. 〔美国〕那家伙就可能那样做;那家伙就是那种人〔含有憎厌的意思〕。 He that talks much errs much. 〔谚语〕言多必失。n.<+More...
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  1. He asked a little about my life history .
  2. He forced a laugh to his shaking lips .
  3. I have heard that he has been married before ..
  4. He was fascinated by the founding fathers .
  5. He wondered if he had been dreaming .

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