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[ hæv,həv ] Pronunciation:   "have" in a sentence   "have" meaning
1.有,持有,具有,含有。 How much money do you have? 你有多少钱? How many days have May 五月有几天? I had no news of him. 我没有他的消息。
2.知道,了解,懂得。 She has your idea. 她了解你的意思。 He has only a little Latin. 他只懂一点点拉丁文。 You have me, have you not 晓得了吗,怎么样? 〔出自+More...
  • have at:    打击, 攻击
  • have it:    (某项)成功的要素; 挨一拳; 优越 ...
  • have it in for:    对…镶恨; 对人不满,怀恨在心,伺机 ...
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  1. I had fine sport with my new skates .
  2. I have heard that he has been married before ..
  3. He wondered if he had been dreaming .
  4. Winston had finished his bread and cheese .
  5. I have a snag in my best black tights .

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