have mumps meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "have mumps" in a sentence
  • 患流行性腮腺炎
  • have:    vt. 1.有,持有,具有,含有。 ...
  • mumps:    n. 1.〔作单数用〕【医学】流行性 ...
  • acute mumps:    急性腮腺炎
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  1. I had mumps which caused swelling of my testis when i was around 16 years old . it gradually recovered after i took herbal medicine . but now i have the problem of premature ejaculation
  2. We got several detentions that week . frankly , i think that i ve never been such a good friend to you as you have to me . you came to my house to visit me when i had measles and then when i had mumps

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