hanshin tigers meaning in Chinese

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  • 阪神队
  • 阪神虎队
  • tiger:    n. 1.【动物;动物学】虎。 2. ...
  • hanshin:    阪神
  • the tigers:    虎队; 五虎将决裂
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  1. Igawa went 14 - 9 with a 2 . 97 era for the hanshin tigers last season
    井川庆去年在阪神老虎队的战绩为14胜9败,防御率2 . 97 。
  2. They ' ll also travel to okinawa , where they will meet with executives of the hanshin tigers , lefty kei igawa ' s former team
  3. The contingent also plans to visit with the leadership of the hanshin tigers , personally thanking the club for its assistance in the development of kei igawa
  4. The yankees won the rights to negotiate with igawa last week , submitting the top bid of more than $ 26 million for the hanshin tigers ' starting pitcher
  5. According to numerous media outlets , the yankees had won the rights to the japanese left - hander , who has pitched the past eight seasons for the hanshin tigers

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