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  • 寒山寺
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  1. Beijing - shanghai - suzhou : humble administrator s garden , tiger hills , hanshan temple b l d
  2. It is close to the well - known tiger hill , hanshan temple and suzhou amusement land
  3. Emba 993 wu ming contributed his own collection - a chinese painting work dancing of dragon and phoenix by the abbot of hanshan temple . it was knocked down by the guest , mr . wang guanggui , at rmb 5 , 500
    由吴名校友贡献拍品:寒山寺住持秋爽的一幅字画《龙飞凤舞》 ,由嘉宾王广贵以rmb5500元拍下该幅字画。
  4. It s located at a new political and financial center in suzhou s new district and is bordered by the grand canal to the east , suzhou amusement park to the west , tiger hill and hanshan temple to the north
  5. Distance from city center : 0km , distance railway station : 2km , no airport the view around : chunzheng park , yi park , hanshan temple , north temple tower , lion forest , canglang pavilion , huanxiu holiday spot , suzhou park

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