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  • hand:    n. 1.手;(猴子等的)脚;(一般 ...
  • reach:    vt. 1.到,抵,到达(特定地点, ...
  • hand sander reach rod:    手拉撒砂器传动杆
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  1. The prisoner didn't know what he was doing. but his hands reached the rope on his neck and tore it off .
  2. Hunger came to his stomach; an icy hand reached down his throat and clutched his intestines and tied them into a cold, tight knot that ached .
  3. Eva ' s pretty hands reached out and they reached wide
  4. At the door , a hand reached out and shook mine firmly
  5. My hands reached out , catching nothingbut a raindrop , on a leaf that had withered

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