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Pronunciation:   "hand on" in a sentence   "hand on" meaning
  • (打电话时)别挂,等一等
  • 把...传递下去
  • 把...传下去, 传递下去, 发放
  • 把…传下去
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  • hand:    n. 1.手;(猴子等的)脚;(一般 ...
  • a hand:    一双手; 掌声, 鼓掌
  • a in hand:    撑握
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  1. Reynolds loosened his hand on my collar .
  2. He promptly ordered all hands on deck .
  3. Nancy looked at her hand on the lamp chimney .
  4. Yolles wiped his hands on a paper towel .
  5. I say that with my hand on my heart .

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