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Pronunciation:   "hand of justice" in a sentence
  • hand:    n. 1.手;(猴子等的)脚;(一般 ...
  • justice:    n. 1.正义,公道;公正,公平。 ...
  • in justice to:    公正对待; 为对...公正起见
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  1. But , there , he is in the hands of justice ; and , " added he with a smile , " she will take her own . " so saying , he leaped into a boat , desiring to be rowed on board the pharaon , where m . morrel had agreed to meet him
    不过,他已落到了法院的手里, ”他又带着微笑说, “而法院是公正的, ”说着,他便跳进了一只小艇,叫人摇到法老号上去,因为莫雷尔先生说过要在那儿见他的。

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