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  • 蒸汽锤
  • hammer:    n. 1.槌,铁锤,榔头。 2.【机 ...
  • steam:    n. 1.蒸汽,水蒸气,水气,雾,蒸 ...
  • steam hammer:    汽锤。
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  1. Hammer , steam drop
  2. Hydraulic pile hammer is one of the pile driving machines that drive prefabricated piles into the ground in the construction of pile foundation such as construction , bridge , dock , etc . with the development of science and technology , the prefabricated pile driving machines evolve from block hammer , steam - hammer , diesel hammer to hydraulic hammer . hydraulic pile hammer is one of ideal prefabricated pile driving machines because it can adjust stress waveform , decrease stress peak value , prolong effectual action when it drives piles . hydraulic pile hammer is used widely and formed series in developed countries now

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