haila meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "haila" in a sentence
  • 哈伊拉
  • 海拉
  • 海伊莱
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  1. Contrasting our study with well test result , the interpretation accord with geological fact . most light oil concentrates in haila ' er basin and the coincidence is ninety percent
  2. In the paper the author achieve interpretation , qualitative and quantitative evaluation to light oil reservoir by all kinds of geochemical methods in haila ' er basin of daqing exploratory area where light oil is abundant , at the same time apply it to practice
  3. By the present time , geologic researchers have found that light oil distribute centrally in baier depression . this paper applies this method for identifying and evaluating light oil in the haila ' er basin , and analyzes generation , migration , and preserving condition pramarily . the author thinks that the nonuniform distribution of light oil in haila ' er basin is caused by the difference of distribution of hydrocarbon source rock , type of organic matter which produced oil , tectonic conditions , migrating time , hydrocarbon maturity , and buried depth

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