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  • 防雹
  • 抑雹
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  1. Safety technical specifications for the operation of hail suppression and precipitation enhancement with 37 mm antiaircraft gun
  2. After seeding , in two hailstorm i variation has no effect on mechanism of hail suppression with seeding , but has different effect on seeding outcome
  3. When r , i , g vary with height at the same time , effect on rainfall amount and hail fallout amount are all bigger , especially , hail fallout amount . another hailstorm occurred in xunyi county , shanxi province on july 9 . 1999 is also simulated . by contrasting two different hailstorms in nanjing and xunyi county , we analyze the effect of i variation on nature cloud and precipitation , then we analyze the effect of i variation on mechanism of hail suppression with seeding and seeding outcome in two seeding experiments with agl
    模拟了1999年7月9日陕西省旬邑地区的冰雹云个例,在只改变模式中_ i取值的条件下,对南京、旬邑两个不同地区的冰雹云,对比分析了冰晶谱形变化,对云和降水的影响,最后又分别用agi进行催化数值试验,来对比研究两个不同地区云中冰晶谱形的变化,对催化防雹影响。
  4. Weather modification refers to efforts aimed at rain or snow enhancement , hail suppression , rain suppression , fog dispersal , frost prevention by exerting , under appropriate conditions , artificial influence on local atmospheric physical and chemical processes through scientific and technological means , in order to avert or mitigate meteorological disasters and rationally exploit climatic resources
  5. Using the 1ap 3 - d hailstorm numerical model , we analyze influence of variation on rainfall amount , hail fallout amount , dynamical process of cloud , microphysical process , mechanism of hail suppression with seeding , and seeding outcome . besides , we use those study outcomes and bring forward some advice about using and improving model . we simulate a hailstorm occurred in nanjing county and analyze influence of raindrop , ice crystal , graupel size distribution on outcome of model

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