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= 【电学】 henry; 【化学】 hydrogen; 【物理学】磁场密度 (intensity of magnetic field), 地磁水平分量 (the horizontal component of terrestrial magnetism); 〔表示铅笔芯硬度的符号〕= hard(ness); 〔俚语〕heroin.
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  1. The quotient simply becomes arbitrarily large as h goes to 0 .
  2. The h conversion code provides a facility for printing out characters .
  3. We will denote by h the perpendicular distance from p to the inclined face .
  4. In general the bearing will be "non-linear", the stiffness depending upon the value of h .
  5. When mrs. h jennings talked of edward's affection, it cost her only a spasm in her throat .

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