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  • 绷绳稳定的轻便井架
  • 拉线式电杆
  • 稳绳井架
  • guy:    n. 盖伊〔男子名〕。
  • mast:    n. ?、栗等的果实〔可作猪饲料〕。 ...
  • guyed antenna mast:    拉线式天线杆


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  1. Parametric vibration of a guy in guyed mast structure
  2. Static model experiments and analysis of guyed mast
  3. Lattice towers and masts - code of practice for loading of guyed masts
  4. Specification for construction and acceptance of steel structural tower and guyed mast engineering
  5. Some research progress of fuzzy control at home and abroad is introduced in this thesis and the research on fuzzy control of wind response of guyed mast is made

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