gryffindor tower meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "gryffindor tower" in a sentence
  • tower:    n. 托尔(斯)〔姓氏〕。
  • gryffindor:    葛莱分多 哈利波特所在的学院。学院精 ...
  • godric gryffindor:    高锥客; 戈德里克格兰芬多; 葛来芬 ...
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  1. In the nature of things , the twins would be using the map outside class hours , at night , while sneaking around outside gryffindor tower
  2. They ' d be on the watch for anyone hanging around where they currently were and where they planned to go , not for anyone or anything safely tucked up in gryffindor tower for the night

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