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  • 增长的核算
  • 增长核算
  • 增长计算法
  • growth:    n. 1.生长,成长,发育,发展。 ...
  • accounting:    n. 1.会计;会计学。 2.账;记 ...
  • a growth:    成长; 一片草木
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  1. The steady - state growth rate derived from this integrated model is roughly in line with the result derived from the growth accounting equation
  2. This paper conducts an empirical analysis on the economic growth in west china through establishing a simple neo - classical economic growth accounting model
  3. However , the standard growth accounting method ignores the fact that human capital can promote growth of technological progress and speed up the narrowing of technological gap
  4. As for the relationship between human capital and gdp growth , results of standard growth accounting method shows that accumulation of human capital plays an important role as a determinant of gdp growth
    因此,就人力资本与经济增长的关系来说,本文所采用的标准经济增长计算方法( sga )的结果显示:人力资本在决定gdp增长方面起了重要作用。
  5. The objective of this essay has been to suggest a redirection of research on productivity growth to a synthesis integrating analysis with the traditional analysis of sources of productivity change contained in the growth accounting literature

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