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  • 灌浆机
  • 注浆机
  • grout:    vt.,vi. (猪)用鼻子拱(泥土 ...
  • injector:    n. 1.注射者;注射器,针管。 2 ...
  • grout:    n. 1.【建筑】薄胶泥,薄浆,石灰 ...
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  1. As soon as the tunnel boring machine advances 1m forward , 6 pieces of pre - cast concrete segment are fabricated and forming a ring with internal diameter of 5 . 6m to support soil outside , while simultaneous back - filling and 32 - hole chemical grouting injector equipment installed with tunnel boring machine consolidating soil instantaneously to enhance the soil strength . the tunnel boring machine is also equipped with guided top gyroscope and true circularity retaining device for construction accuracy
    其中值得一提者,板桥土城线所采用之潜盾机系新型之土压平衡式机种,具同步背填灌浆之功能,对地表沉陷之控制成效优良,目前已贯通并通过民房及商业区下方之下行隧道其初期沉陷均控制在5mm之内,二次沉陷及最终沉陷平均总量最大亦仅18mm ,远优于初始设计的警戒值30mm 。

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