grout hole meaning in Chinese

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  • 灌浆孔
  • grout:    vt.,vi. (猪)用鼻子拱(泥土 ...
  • hole:    n. 1.洞,穴,孔;(衣服等上的) ...
  • blanket grout hole:    覆盖灌浆孔
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  1. Inclined genesis of deep curtain grout hole and disposal methods
  2. Application for penetration of gas hole , water - discharging hole and grout hole under coal mine
  3. Improving measures for the drilling of solidified grout hole with ingersoll - rand lm - 500c hydraulic drill rig
  4. The experiment also proves that it is important that the position and order of grouting holes are arranged properly
  5. It is also used to prevent or solve geologic calamity , such as landslide and rock collapse etc . in addition , it is also used to drill small size water well and hige - pressure jet grouting hole

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