grout curtain meaning in Chinese

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  • 薄浆隔墙
  • 灌浆帷幕
  • 水泥屏障
  • 帷幕灌浆
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  1. Adsorption of heavy metals on clay - solidified grouting curtain
  2. Its dam foundation grout curtain and backfilling technologies are advanced
  3. Complicated hydrologic and geographic conditions , and the large scale of the xiaolangdi hydraulic project on the yellow river are introduced briefly . three desilting tunnels are designed to meet the requirements of flood control , sediment discharge and runoff regulation . according to the performance requirements of desilting tunnels , the tunnel lining down - stream of the grouting curtain is designed to be post - tensional prestressed lining . on the basis of investigation and research , experiements and analysis , the unbonded prestressing system is used . it is the largest unbonded prestressed tunnel lining project in the world , and the first one in china
  4. According to the geological conditions of baise project , erosive bands and joint fissures , f6 fault and grout curtain are fully simulated to establish 3d numerical model of the dam and its foundation . 3d non - linear fem is used to analyze the stress and strain and to appraise the operation state of both the dam and it ' s foundation under different operation conditions . by overloading the upstream water level and reducing rock strength parameter , the dam foundation ' s degradation process is simulated and the damage pattern and paths are determined , and finally the safety factor is determined
    2 、根据百色的地形地质条件,充分模拟了蚀变带、节理裂隙、 f6断层、灌浆帷幕等,较为真实地建立了坝体与地基相互作用的整体三维数值模型;采用有限元法对坝体及坝基在不同工况下的应力应变状态开展分析,评价各工况下坝基的运行状态;而后采用超载法和综合法对大坝稳定性进行分析,模拟坝基的渐进性破坏过程,从而得到坝基在超载和强度下降过程中的破坏模式和破坏发展路径,最终确定坝基超载安全系数和综合安全系数。

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