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  • 研磨作业线
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  1. Mode gjm - 90 superfine wet grinding line of zirconium silicateand its technical characteristics
  2. Line 13 of beijing metro is the first ground line of beijing urban rail transit
  3. Product ground by grinding material with abrasive belt of grit 320 # to produce continuous grinding lines
  4. A protective method based on voltage - frequency - converter and additional dc measuring the insulation between monitor wire and ground lines of hv double screen cable is developed and realized by analog and digital circuits
    通过分析6kv电缆绝缘监视保护的特点,提出了在高压电缆监视线与接地线之间附加直流电源并利用v / f转换实现监视保护的新方法,设计了相应的电路。
  5. Archaeoastronomy is the study and interpretation of solar , lunar and stellar alignments found at ancient monuments such as pyramids , towers , ground lines such as the nazca lines in peru , and megalithic sites stonehenge , carnac , newgrange , etc

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