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  • 促性腺激素释放激素
  • 促性腺激素释放因子
  • 天然气采收率
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  1. Widening of the grf to dual 2 - lane carriageway
  2. Extro growth hormone releasing factor mediated by protoplast could more than 28 days retention in rabbit and mouse muscle that is condition of long - time expression of grf
  3. The result of investigation showing : extro growth hormone releasing factor mediated by protoplast expressed in rabbit muscle and mouse muscle , products of expression were detected by pcr rt - pcr and elisa
    研究结果表明,以原生质体介导的外源性grf基因可以在家兔和小鼠肌肉中表达,通过pcr 、 rt - pcr和elisa都可以检测到表达产物。
  4. Objectie . the purpose was to ealuate the influence of pain distribution on ertical grf of patients with low back problems during 2 walking speed conditions : preferred and fastest speeds
  5. Electroporation will acceleration cellular confluence of protoplast and muscles , but the significant change of the ratio of expression and the time of expression was not observed form exponent treat with low pressure and short impulse of 100v , 50 millisecond
    电击可以促进原生质体与肌肉细胞的融合,但100v , 50毫秒的低压、短脉冲电击对grf在动物体内的表达量上没有被观察到显著差异。

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