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  • green:    n. 1.格林〔姓氏〕。 2.Joh ...
  • sand:    n. 1.沙。 2.〔 pl. 〕 ...
  • mold:    mold = mould.
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  1. Seacoal for green sand mold
  2. Green sand molding
  3. The green sand mold with even density and proof of the impact of liquid metal is one of the critical factors in the production of quality casting
  4. Molding process is one of the key sectors of green sand mold casting , the aim of which lies in making the high compactness mold from loose molding sand
  5. In this paper , the present situation of the research on the numerical simulation of green sand molding and core making process was reviewed and the trends on this field were given

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